Monday, July 16, 2012

British football captain cleared of racial abuse charge

This verdict is a bit of a whitewash (blackwash?) but one must remember that footballers are like Royalty in Britain so rulings  are "fudged" on their behalf

Former England captain John Terry has been found not guilty of racially abusing rival player Anton Ferdinand.

Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle cleared the 31-year-old Chelsea skipper today at the end of a five-day trial at Westminster Magistrates Court in London.

Terry, wearing a white shirt with a grey suit and tie, left court without speaking to media or supporters waiting outside.

He was accused of branding Queens Park Rangers player Anton Ferdinand a "f_____ black c___" during a match between Chelsea and QPR on October 23 last year.

Terry denied committing a racially aggravated public order offence. He told the court that he was sarcastically repeating words he thought Ferdinand had said to him.

The charge was brought by the Crown Prosecution Service, the state prosecutors in England and Wales.



Bird of Paradise said...

PC nonsense its time to put a end to PC nonsense

Anonymous said...

as usual words are taken more seriously than actions even though actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

"PC nonsense its time to put a end to PC nonsense"

Yup. Buy a Mac

Malcolm Smith said...

While we're on the subject, when WA introduced a "racial vilification" law, they probably didn't expect that the first person charged would be an Aboriginal woman. She had snatched a bag or something from a white woman, and called her a "white c-".
Eventually, she was convicted of theft, but the judge ruled that the words were not vilification. Presumably, now we can call an Aborigine a "black c-" and not be charged with vilification. (Of course, there is still the charge of obscene language.)

Disillusioned said...

It is time to remove all racial vilification laws from Australian laws. There is no reason to to sue for being identified for your race if that is the only reason to complain. If you are an asshole then you can fight that opinion in court, but if you are a white, black, blue or any other colour asshole and the colour/racial identification is correct then there is no racial vilification. Your just an asshole in the eyes of the law and that is their desicion whether to uphold or not.

Too much obstruction of justice is achieved by NOT identifying race when trying to catch a criminal, which is a key objective of the left/greens.

Anonymous said...

The question is not whether he is black but is he a c___.