Sunday, August 12, 2018

Australia's Woolworths is savaged online after declaring its imported beans were 'far superior' to Australian-grown ones – only to issue apology for rogue tweet hours later

Pretty nonsensical claim

Woolworths has been savaged online by customers after sending a tweet claiming imported goods were 'far superior' to locally sourced products.

The tweet was in response to a complaint from customer and ABC journalist Emma Fields who posted a photo of imported beans and green peas.

'Seriously disappointed that all of these beans and peas for sale @woolworths are imported. Surely we can do better than that!' the post read.

The Woolworths Twitter account was quick to respond. 'Hi Emma, we're sorry to hear about disappointment towards our tinned beans. We aim to provide the best quality products to our customers and sometimes this means supplying imported products as they're far superior,' the response read.

Understandably the response left Miss Fields less than impressed.  'Thanks, be sure to tell the ‘relevant team’ it would be great if they could support Australian farmers rather than the ones in Italy and America,' she wrote.

'Especially when many farmers in Aust (sic) are facing dry & tough conditions.'

The response from Woolworths drew the ire of many Twitter users who saw the statement as contrary to the companies promotion of 'proudly' sourcing locally grown products.

A follow-up tweet from the supermarket giant attempted to clarify the statements.

'We apologise for yesterday's Tweet - it does not reflect our view of Australian grown products. In fact, 96% of all our fresh fruit and vegetables are proudly sourced from Australia,' the tweet read.


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