Sunday, August 12, 2018

An interesting comment from a reader

Here is the censorship problem as I see it, for Google, Twitter, and all blogs that censor in some way:

IF you do not edit or restrict or act on posts, then you are a blind transmitter, like the telephone, the usmail, UPS, etc....

IF you decide to edit, restrict, select, censor, or in some way shape or form review, whether human or by human created software that follows human desires (or they would not use it), then you are a publisher and are fulfilling that role and ARE responsible for what is said that you did not remove.

Which is why blogs should not censor, they become publishers responsible for content.  Payment does not make a  publisher, being a gate keeper does


Stan B said...

The will lose their "Safe Harbor" status under most Copyright Laws if they continue to Edit. Look at what's going on in Austria - Youtube is being sued for "promoting" material in violation of copyright along with the violator. That is the future for these companies.

Hinchey said...

Excellent point . I for one would like to have a free speech site . Unfortunately for FB the German government say they will fine them if they dont edit out what said government requires . If I was running FB I would simply refuse to pay and employ nobody in Germany . Then it would be up to the German government if they stopped people from accessing FB in Germany . I doubt they would do so .