Friday, January 12, 2018

Right-wing blogger arrested at 'It's OK to be white' speech at UConn

A woman grabbed his speech notes and he was arrested for trying to get them back

Lucian Wintrich, the White House correspondent for the right-wing Gateway Pundit website, was arrested Tuesday after a scuffle at the University of Connecticut.

Wintrich, who is also the Washington bureau chief for the Trump-boosting blog, was at the Storrs, Connecticut, school to deliver his "It's OK to be white" speech.

But many among the about 100 people who attended the event greeted him with chants of "Go home, Nazi!" and booed and interrupted Wintrich throughout his speech.

Chaos broke out when a woman approached the lectern and took a piece of paper from it, video shows.

As the woman walked away, Wintrich is seen following her, pulling at her backpack and grabbing her.

Police took Wintrich, 29, into custody shortly after the altercation and escorted him out of the room. He was charged with misdemeanor breach of peace and was released Tuesday night on a $1,000 bond, said Stephanie Reitz, a university spokeswoman.

Wintrich tweeted Wednesday that he would seek legal action against the university and the woman, who he says stole his property.



Anonymous said...

Liberals tend to be vicious !

Bird of Paradise said...

Time to turn off the money pipe to U-Conn and hit them where its going to hurt them the most i say cut them off by 100%

Dean said...

One wonders if the left can see the inconsistency of what happened. A woman steals, the victim attempts to recover the stolen object. The thief goes free and the victim is arrested.

In liberal eyes anything done to a conservative is condoned, anything a conservative does to object is a crime. Hard core liberals will never understand that they operate under a double standard. Perhaps none of them understand.

Personally, I believe that there are liberals who are intelligent and willing to talk things through rationally. It would be nice to meet one, or hear from one on the national stage.