Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Facebook apologises for its moderation 'mistakes' after investigation reveals it makes the wrong call on nearly HALF of posts reported as offensive

Facebook has apologised after an investigation revealed moderators make the wrong call on almost half of posts deemed offensive.

The site admitted it left up offensive posts that violate community guidelines despite being armed with 7,500 content reviewers.

One such post was a picture of a corpse with the words 'the only good Muslim is a f****** dead one' which was left up by moderators despite being flagged to them.

Another showed a woman passed out on a bed, with the caption 'what would you do?'.

According to the investigation, content reviewers do not always abide by the company's guidelines and interpret similar content in different ways.

Users can provide feedback on decisions but there are no formal appeals

In the case of the woman passed out, Facebook defended its choice to leave it on the site as the caption by a feminist and activist, condemned sexual violence.

However, another anti-Muslim comment - 'Death to the Muslims' - was deemed offensive after users repeatedly reported it.

All comments on the reported posts were violations of Facebook's policies but only one was caught, according to the full investigation by independent, nonprofit newsroom ProPublica. 

The non-profit sent Facebook a sample of 49 items containing hate speech, and a few with legitimate expression from its pool of 900 crowdsourced posts.

The social network admitted its reviewers made mistakes in 22 of the cases.

'We're sorry for the mistakes we have made,' said Facebook VP Justin Osofsky in a statement. 'We must do better.'



Anonymous said...

I notice they used only anti-Islamist and sexist examples in the article. Even when apologizing for getting it wrong their foolish bias shows strongly.

Bird of Paradise said...

Its Jan 2nd 2018 and the nuts continue to fall from the nut tree