Wednesday, January 10, 2018

"Monkey" problems again

Fashion retailer H&M has been accused of racism over a children’s jumper that was modelled on their website.

The green hooded jumper bore the slogan “coolest monkey in the jungle” and was worn by a black child.

Social media users were outraged, branding the ad “racist” and “unacceptable”

“This is racist and insensitive. This beautiful boy doesn’t even know what H&M is making out of him. A whole team shooting and no one saw what’s wrong with this,” one Twitter user wrote.

But others disagreed with the accusations, saying the retail giant probably didn’t intentionally mean to offend anyone.

“I totally understand the racist connotations around the word ‘monkey’ but, seriously, I don’t *think* that was their intention at all,” another user wrote.

H & M has since removed the photo of the boy wearing the jumper from it’s online collection, telling The Independent that they “apologise to anyone this may have offended”.



Anonymous said...

The professionally offended are always offended on behalf of someone else.

Stan B said...

"Offense by Proxy" is a cottage industry, and a form of soft bigotry.

Bird of Paradise said...

Snowflakes need to Get A Life and stop all that darn whining time has come for them to get out of their safe space(Playpen)and go out into the real world becuase their parents are getting tired of having to clean the basement all the time

Dean said...

I would like to apologize to the world for referring to my children as monkeys.

In my defense it must be noted that if there was a tree in the area they would immediately climb it. Their favorite playground fixture was the monkey bars. Rope climbs, ladders, trees, cliffs, furniture, if it could be climbed or scrambled up my boys did it.

The little monkeys.

Regardless, my apologies are given to all the tender feelings of those who don't realize than not everything is intended as an insult, and children of any color are sometimes referred to as (gasp) monkeys.

Bill R. said...

I get it but truth be told if it hadn't been pointed out to me that I'm supposed to be offended, I wouldn't have thought twice about it.

Russ Wood said...

And my wife read that the child chose that hoodie himself! And anyway, I have often referred to my kids as 'monkeys'.