Sunday, April 30, 2017

CNN Host: Ann Coulter’s ‘Hate Speech’ Threatened Student Safety

CNN host W. Kamau Bell declared on Thursday the cancellation of college speakers like Ann Coulter is a matter of protecting students from so-called hate speech, and has nothing to do with free speech.

In an appearance on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” host Wolf Blitzer asked Bell, who hosts the series “United Shades of America,” what were his thoughts about college free speech issues and the uproar at UC-Berkeley over conservative speakers showing up on campus.

Bell said that he is a proud resident of the “People’s Republic of Berkeley, California” and stated a riot that occurred there had disrupted a farmers’ market he frequents. He then went on to say that Berkeley was right to shut down right-wing speakers.

“That’s not about free speech,” the CNN host said. “The reason why people’s speeches are being canceled is because it’s a safety issue. If your free speech leads to hate speech, and it makes people feel unsafe, then universities have the right to protect the kids on campus.”



Anonymous said...

How do the left not realise that they are the leading cause of hate speech. If it wasn't for the leftist hate speech then there would be no problem with conservatives giving speeches. The left drives the hate speech industry with fake organizations like BLM. The snowflakes can't handle the truth, it melts their brains because it represents the antithesis of everything they have been taught for their whole lives. Time to reinstate free speech on campuses not PC speech. Conservative speech is not hate speech unless you have been indoctrinated.

Bird of Paradise said...

The Communists News Network and some blabbbering idiot the usial kind they like to host in CNN which is owned by Red Ted Turner with Big Bad Wolf Blitzer

Anonymous said...

This sounds like 'if you give into the speech terrorists then you won't have a safety issue'.
Of course, you will then have a liberty issue - but they never seem to make that connection.

Anonymous said...

The only hate speech I hear comes from the left. How about they are shut down? Time to return tertiary education to the middle space and ban activists of persuasions from any campus.

Stan B said...

It's all about FEELINGS. The left want their world to be based on THEIR feelings about what's "right" and any world view that doesn't validate their feelings is "wrong" and "hurtful" and "hateful."

So when speech challenges their worldview, it makes them feel "unsafe" in their little bubble. It's no wonder they lash out in anger and violence against conservatives - who have grown up and accept that "facts don't care about your feelings."

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

U.C. Berkeley in fact the entire community of Berkeley needs to be bulldozed to the ground and the area turned into a park of lost free speech however in Colorado their ending the Free Speech Zones and so the entire campuses will be Free Speech lets hope this happens with the rest of the 49 States and screw the whining litle snowflakes and their stupid feelings

Mark Liveringhosue said...

So whoever can riot the most and destroy the most gets to cancel a speech they disagree with? Is that what he is basically saying?

So the biggest mod gets to dictate speech? If he comes to a college I can get my friends together and riot and they will have to cancel his speech for "safety reason" because HE is causing the hate not me?