Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wrong approach

Banning this and banning that is no solution to anything. Free speech is the solution. We read:

"In Europe's latest entanglement over free speech, German officials and Jewish leaders are calling for a ban on a Turkish action film that demonizes Americans and Jews. On Wednesday, Cinemaxx, Germany's largest theater chain, was the first movie house to respond, announcing that it would strike the film from its program immediately."


Banning things just gives them an air of being probably correct. The wise approach would be to allow the film concerned to be shown and also to allow films criticizing Islam to be shown. That would provide a balance. And if Muslims threaten or carry out violence against any such films, they should be locked up by the normal processes of the criminal law.

In South Africa, an accusation is enough

South Africa has a lot of Muslims of Indian origin and a lot of them are in business. In this story we read that a black African accused his Muslim employers of calling him a "Kaffir" (the South African equivalent of the N word). Both the accused denied it and there was apparently no corroboratory evidence in support of the accusation. But a court still awarded the complainant damages of 3,000 Rand.