Saturday, February 11, 2006

More Islamic Sex Doll Trouble

Apparently you are supposed to wait for your 72 virgins until the afterlife. No shortcuts! From the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf (Whoops! Arabian Gulf) we read:

"A shop selling sports goods was found plying equipment with a twist in recreational possibilities. A raid by officials from Ras Al Khaimah Economic Department found that the shop was renting sex dolls to its clients, mainly teenagers. Sources from the department said the shop was immediately shut down."


More Hurt Muslim Feelings

You've heard of the Islamic Barbie Doll. Well there's another doll in trouble: A blow-up doll from a sex-toys firm called Anne Summers. Apparently they are putting out a blow-up doll for women. An interesting idea. But the called their new doll "Mustafa Shag". I guess they thought "Mustafa" sounded sexy. BUT:

"Unfortunately, Mustafa was one of the names given to the Prophet Mohamed. Bestowing it upon, in the words of its catalogue, "an inflatable escort for your hen-night adventures" is considered highly offensive. The Manchester Central Mosque has already written to the firm, calling on it to withdraw the product, right. "You have no idea how much hurt, anguish, and disgust this obnoxious phrase ["Mustafa Shag"] has caused to Muslim men, women and children," reads their letter".


No doubt the firm will bow down before Islamic correctness.


A reader has suggested "Clinton Shag" as a better name for the said doll.