Friday, May 24, 2019

Free speech for ersatz products?


Should vegan "meat" be allowed to call itself meat?  Only if it identifies itself for what is is, it seems to me.  Otherwise it is deception.  "Vegemeat" should arouse no objection, for instance

Here's the real proof that these meat substitutes taste like the real thing: The meat industry, unnerved by the potential for poached profits, aspires to wipe the word “meat” off the meat substitutes’ packaging. The industry persuaded Missouri to ban use of the word for any product not derived from slaughtered cattle or poultry. A half dozen states have followed suit, while parties that include Tofurky and the American Civil Liberties Union are suing to overturn Missouri’s law on First Amendment grounds.

Greed is ugly, even when masquerading as a truth-in-advertising crusade. The meat industry should lose its campaign against free speech and the lessons of history. I’ll leave it to the Missouri plaintiffs to argue the former. As for history, we’ve been down this anti-competitive road before, amid similar corporate hysteria.



Bird of Paradise said...

Meat is what we get from Animals Vegan comes from Plants

Anonymous said...

Same goes for that liquid that comes from Almonds that gets passed off as "milk." How the heck does one milk an almond?


Anonymous said...

I remember when margarine was required to be white and a packet of yellow food coloring was included with each package.

The dairy industry did not want yellow margarine to be sold.