Thursday, November 09, 2017

No Arrest in Kansas State Hate Hoax

A black Kansas man has admitted he put racist graffiti on his own car as a Halloween prank that got out of hand, police said Monday.

Photographs posted on social media Wednesday showed the car covered with racial slurs against blacks and messages that included “Go Home,” ”Date your own kind,” and “Die.”

The vehicle, covered in graffiti scrawled with washable paint, was parked Wednesday at an apartment complex near Kansas State University and the incident fueled racial tensions at the university and in the community.

An emergency meeting of the Black Student Union called that evening drew concerned administrators and community leaders as well as students. Kansas State held a Facebook Live event the next day with worried parents. The university stepped up patrols on campus. The FBI opened a civil rights investigation into a possible hate crime.

But on Monday the Riley County Police Department issued a news release saying the 21-year-old owner of the vehicle, Dauntarius Williams, had told investigators that he was responsible for the graffiti.

Authorities concluded that charging him for filing a false report would “not be in the best interests of the citizens" Meaning: "Because he is black"



Paul Weber said...

If you don't uphold the law, if you allow people who break the law to go unpunished, how do you expect society to get better?

Anonymous said...

Not mentioned in the source story was whether the student filed a report himself or let what he did trigger someone else to file a report.

If he filed the report himself then it wasn't a prank and shouldn't have been let go but if it was someone else then please remember he IS still young and stupid so it can easily fall into the "it seemed like a good idea when I thought of it" category that so many of us fell into during our young and stupid years.