Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Facebook slaps 'adult content' ban on... a robin redbreast card: Artist stunned after social media giant brands innocent images as 'sexual'

Maybe the term "breast" in the name of the bird was the problem

It's been condemned for allowing users to post pornography and other vile videos – but now Facebook has bizarrely banned a traditional Christmas card of a robin redbreast and two other seasonal paintings of a stag and a squirrel.

Artist Jackie Charley was hoping sell them through her Facebook shop but a message popped up rejecting them owing to their possible ‘sexual’ and ‘adult’ content.

It read: ‘It looks like we didn’t approve your item because we don’t allow the sale of adult items or services (eg sexual enhancement items or adult videos).’

Facebook confirmed they are investigating the matter to see if there has been an error

As Ms Charley’s charming cards have no content even remotely of an adult nature, she is mystified by the decision.

Mrs Charley repeatedly contacted Facebook by email to ask them to overturn the ban but received no reply.

Facebook insiders yesterday suggested the ban was an error, but a spokesman would only say the firm was investigating the matter



Anonymous said...

I avoid Facebook and anything similar like the plague !

Paul Weber said...

It takes all of 2 seconds to look at the picture and see that's it's not porn. Who does Facebook have making these decisions, a blind man?

Anonymous said...

References to breast cancer are probably now also automatically flagged as "porn".

Bird of Paradise said...

Screw Facebook and the little whining snowflakes this little Bird has more gumption then they will ever have

stinky said...

What a cock up!

Legs Sparrow said...