Monday, October 02, 2017

Hate speech is acceptable in Trump’s America – as long as it comes from Christian fundamentalists (?)

Just another desperate Leftist distortion.  Americans don't hate Iran or N.Korea but they do believe in self defense.  And self defense in the nuclear wars threatened by Iran and N.Korea would lead to near-genocides of those countries.

And conservative disparagement of Islam is also defensive.  We saw what Muslims do on 9/11/2001 and many times thereafter. Muslims repeatedly attack Americans.  It's a wonder that America has not sent them all back to the hellholes that generated them.

Only a Leftist would be unable to distinguish defensive speech and hate speech

Christian fundamentalists are among Trump's most rabid supporters. It doesn’t matter how 'unchristian' a more mainstream follower of that religion might find his behaviour

“Putting the Caliphate first may mean eliminating the US and UK from the map. If it comes down to the Caliphate or them, I vote the Caliphate all the way!”

Just imagine if that had been tweeted out by a Muslim cleric here or in America.

Such an incitement to genocide would spark outrage. There might be calls for the arrest of the person responsible, and for their deportation, depending upon their immigration status.

Now at this point I should come clean. What I quoted is a doctored version of an actual cleric’s tweet.

What it actually said was this: Putting America first may mean eliminating N Korea or Iran from the map. If it comes down to the US or them, I vote US all the way.

You’ve probably guessed by now that it wasn’t written by an Isis apologist. It was, in point of fact, penned by a preacher claiming to follow Christianity.

So there was no fulminating on Twitter from the President. Nor did any tabloid newspapers or rent-a-gob MPs shout and scream.

It seems it’s ok if a Christian endorses genocide if it's only North Koreans and Iranians that stand to be killed.



Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals always compare conservatives to nazis and trump to hitler becuase liberals are idiots who cant think on their own without a remote in their hand and Chris Mathews yammering lies to them

Paul Weber said...

Luke 22:36 - Then He said to them, But now, the one having a purse, let him take it; likewise also a wallet. And the one not having, let him sell his garment, and let him buy a sword.

Anonymous said...

Is it really surprising that an American is talking about putting America first?
No-one would be shocked at a English person talking about putting England first, or a Chinese person talking about putting China first...
So, where's the beef?