Friday, October 06, 2017

America's cultural sewage

Hollywood continues to pump cultural sewage into our living rooms and town squares. We should start calling Dreamers what they are: Nightmares.

The Senate recently unanimously passed a resolution condemning white supremacy whatever that is. When you see the Senate do things like that do you think my God what we do without them? No. When is the last time you heard someone say, “I am white and I am supreme”?

We are constantly hearing how illegal aliens pay taxes when the fact of the matter is many of them are paid under the table. It makes sense that people who violate our immigration laws will also ignore our tax and employment laws.

Ever since Steve Bannon let the cat out of the open bag (Hillary is dumb) she has set about on a national tour to prove it. Lately she announced she believes the Electoral College should be abolished. That way a candidate could lose forty-nine states carry one by huge vote fraud and be elected President.

We are not a nation of immigrants we are a nation of citizens.

One way to get back at Hollywood is to go on Rotten Tomatoes web site and trash their product the same way their product trashes America.

If cheap labor led to a manufacturing boom Haiti would be the most industrialized nation in the world.

You know you are getting old when your favorite TV station runs mostly ads touting pharmaceuticals balanced by ads encouraging you to sue pharmaceutical companies.

Why does the legacy media label various events as demonstrations instead of what they are: riots?

Does the National Socialist Workers Party (Nazi) sound like a right-wing outfit to you?

That Jimmy Kimmel is sure a funny guy. Not.

All these Democrats on their knees kind of reminds you of Monica Lewinski.

Everything the left touches it destroys whether it be healthcare or football.

A fellow who sold dirty pictures for a living and lived a life of debauchery died recently. If you recognize who we are talking about then you agree.

Funny, whenever there is talk of a tax cut Washington types start wringing their hands and fretting over, “How is the government going to pay for this?” When taxes go up those same Washington types never fret over, “How is the taxpayer going to pay for this?”

The diehard never Trumpers are the true bitter clingers.

The core argument against Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore seems to be that he holds traditional Christian beliefs. Were he a Muslim challenging his religious beliefs would be unacceptable.

Former President Barack Obama doubled the national debt. That means he added more to the debt than all the Presidents before him from Washington on combined. What a guy! Is it any wonder that the Marxist Stream Media continually tells us how smart he is?

If a cashier at your local supermarket alienated sixty percent of the customers going through their line they would be summarily fired. The question is should millionaire football players be held to the same standard as grocery store cashiers?



Bird of Paradise said...

Hollywood is a big massive sewer without a treatment plant and the raw sewage is being pumped out daily from the theaters and video stores movies with graffic violence nudity and sex from the same bunch of wacks that support Gun Control and their phonie Demand a Plan

Anonymous said...

This mostly true.