Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Italian TV presenter is criticised for wearing a crucifix and rosary beads on air to read the news

Italy is still a strongly Catholic country so this is just normal behaviour

An Italian presenter has been criticised for wearing a crucifix and rosary beads while reading the news.

Marina Nalesso, 44, has worn the religious accessories on several occasions during broadcasts on Italy's state-owned channel TG1.

The Venetian journalist, now based in Rome, often presents the 1.30pm slots.

She said her reason for wearing them was 'for faith and to make a statement', according to the Daily Express.

RAI, the country's national public broadcasting company, permits religious symbols to be worn by newsreaders, despite demands from some quarters to have them banned.

One commenter on newspaper site, Il Giornale, said: 'I am an atheist, but an intelligent one - and the crucifix doesn't bother me, otherwise I wouldn't live in Italy.'

Gynaecologist Silvio Viale, a radical atheist and member of the Democratic Party in Turin referred to Ms Nalesso's 'arrogance' at wearing the religious accessories



Bird of Paradise said...

I suppose it would have been okay for her to have worn a pentigram or goats head amulet

Anonymous said...

But they will let Muslims wear burkas and Sikhs wear their turbans. This is total hypocrisy.


Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Liberals are the biggist hypotcrites around the ACLU(Atheists Communists & Lawyers Underground)are a leftists organization founded by a leftists

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone else by upset by one person's wearing of religious symbols?
Oh, actually most of the beach-going French fall into that category...

Gooniebird said...

Mostly liberals and darwinists pinheads and those who cry when trees are chopped down and support Planned Parenthood

Stan B said...

As a Catholic, I find it sad that someone wears a Rosary as "jewelry." That is neither the intended purpose nor a respectful display of the icon. It isn't jewelry, and to treat it as such does not show how "Catholic" you are, but displays your ignorance of Catholic Traditions.

Anonymous said...

More lefty crap to try and distract from curial local issues like immigration. A whole load of nothing of importance.

Anonymous said...

If she wants to wear her rosary, good on her. Most Italians wear crucifixes and carry catholic icons.