Friday, July 14, 2006

ACLU gets it Right for Once

We read:

"The parking fine was $10. But the comment Robert Militzer added to the check could land him in jail for 30 days.

The computer programmer from Allen Park got the ticket May 29. When Militzer wrote the check to Berkley District Court, he scribbled on the memo line, "BULL (expletive) MONEY GRAB."

That got Militzer an in-person court appearance - on a contempt of court charge. He's scheduled to go before a judge Wednesday, accompanied by an American Civil Liberties Union attorney who will argue Militzer's remark is protected by the First Amendment.....

ACLU lawyer Elsa Shartsis said Militzer's "choice of words may not be the best, and it may offend some people, but it's not illegal."


Cuba Condemns Censorship (But not their Own)

As I mentioned on Education Watch recently, the Miami-Dade School Board in Florida has decided to take off the shelves of their school libraries a book that paints Cuba in an unrealistically rosy light. No mention in the book of Cubans risking their lives at sea to escape their "workers' paradise" and get to the heartless capitalistic America that their propaganda is always telling them about.

Leftists are of course fighting the ban. They have now received support in their "struggle" -- from the State librarians of Cuba:

"The librarians, from a country that bans books and music it considers politically incorrect, compared the School Board to Nazis who censored Alice in Wonderland, according to a report in the Cuban press titled "The True Censors are in Miami."


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