Monday, October 14, 2019

Holding Pro-Hong Kong Signs, Two NBA Fans Booted From Game—in Philadelphia, USA

Two NBA fans attending a game in Philadelphia say they were kicked out of the stands for holding "Free Hong Kong" signs at a game between the 76ers and the Guangzhou Loong Lions.

Sam Wachs and his wife had attended the preseason game at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia when their neon green signs were confiscated by security, NBC Philadelphia reported.

The couple was then escorted out after yelling “Free Hong Kong” during the second quarter.

“We were saying, ‘Free Hong Kong,'” Wachs told NBC. “What’s wrong with that?”

What's wrong with it is that the Wachs ran afoul of the NBA's policy of licking the boots of the Chinese Communists, who were angered when Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey sent out a tweet supporting the Hong Kong protesters.

 He was taken to task by the Rocket's owner for trying to make the team a "political organization." Morey subsequently deleted the tweet -- while keeping a tweet critical of Donald Trump in his feed.

“We are strongly dissatisfied and we oppose Silver’s claim to support Morey’s right of free expression. We believe that any speech that challenges national sovereignty and social stability is not within the scope of freedom of speech,” CCTV said in its statement in Chinese, which was translated by CNBC.

It shouldn't surprise us that the National Basketball Association has gone full Commie in their kowtowing to Chinese political interests. The league has demonstrated time and time again over the years that they will always bend to doing what's expedient, not what's right.


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Bird of Paradise said...

Good Bye NBA AS LONG AS YOU REJECT Freedom of Speech WE WONT WATCH OR COME TO YOUR GAMES Go Away NBA just be a good little monkey and dance for their Chi-Com organ grinder