Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another "Tar baby" Downfall

The latest person to use that incorrect expression is none other than Mitt Romney, the RINO governor of Taxachusetts. See here.

"Tar baby" just means a "sticky problem" but tar is black, you see, and that is a VERY touchy color. I have mentioned this dreadful problem before. Romney is probably in good enough standing with the Left to be forgiven for it, though.

In commenting on the Romney affair, Taranto notes that you have to be careful about using the word "slope" as well. Some people call Asians "Slopes". So DEFINITELY don't use the expression "slippery slope" any more! You might be a "racist" if you do.

San Diego Cross Victory

Both the House and the Senate have now voted to acquire the San Diego cross memorial as Federal land. GWB will no doubt sign so those who were trying to get the cross taken down will now have to go back to square 1. Details here

Stop the ACLU is cheering.

Importance of English Controversial In New Zealand Too

The leader of New Zealand's main conservative party (Don Brash) said in a speech that prospective immigrants should "have a good command of English, or be willing to learn". See here. The Leftist New Zealand government called the comment "pejorative and insulting".

One of the representatives of New Zealand's Indians however gave the rather mild response that Brash's comments "showed he would prefer [immigrants] to come from English-speaking countries". Why so mild? Because a lot of Indians DO speak reasonable English so would get preference as immigrants if Brash were in charge!

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